Why You Should Try Online Therapy & Coaching

Distance counseling and coaching, via phone and video, has been a thing for a while now. Yes, the in person form may see like the gold standard and what fits the schema in most minds, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily best. Enter….COVID-19 to test this supposition. The whole world is currently pivoting to continue providing support using online solutions and I think it’s awesome!



Here’s why…


  1. Online counseling & coaching is convenient

I think it’s pretty obvious that being able to walk to your car or a private area for a call or video session is much easier than driving to and from an office. It also means you can broaden your search when looking for a therapist or coach to fit your needs! And if you’ve established a virtual method of meeting, you can still continue your work when traveling for business or on vacation—so the interruptions to growth are fewer.


  1. A good therapist or coach translates in person, by phone, and via video.

I won’t pretend that there isn’t an unspoken exchange of energy that happens in person, but a good therapist or coach is able to help you navigate you issues and reach goals despite the medium. I don’t have to be face-to-face to provide support, strategy, and accountability!


  1. It may be our new normal.

Not to sound dramatic, but it’s likely we will have interruptions in our way of living in the future, similar to what we’ve experienced with Corona Virus. To give up personal growth and life goals is not an option, so we must all adapt. And that requires embracing a new approach to self-improvement and betterment. When I’m teaching clients about meditation, I always say, “one goal of meditation is to increase comfort with discomfort.” Anyone who has tried to meditation will get this. In my opinion, being able to quickly adapt despite the discomfort is what makes a person “bullet proof.” Meeting virtually may feel uncomfortable initially, but it doesn’t have to be. Choosing to be open-minded about distance counseling and coaching is an opportunity to increase resilience by finding the comfort in discomfort. We don’t know what’s headed our way, but we can work to be as psychologically flexible as possible.


If you are interested in learning more about online counseling or coaching, please contact me at [email protected]. I would love to schedule an initial appointment (virtual or in person) with you!


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