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Counseling for Women's Issues in Charlotte, NC

Let's be real: There are certain issues that are unique to women. If you want to discuss your anger or irritation about the gender pay gap, enduring a "second shift"  when you get home, or unravel an experience of street harassment, a male therapist likely won't "get"  it beyond an intellectual understanding because he doesn't have the lived experience of being a woman, unlike a female therapist in Charlotte, NC.

These days it seems like it's even harder to be a woman in the world and feel serene because there's so much going on. You already know what's happening in the news, but there are also issues closer to home, as close as your own body. Did you know about 10% of women ages 15-44 have difficulty getting or staying pregnant? If you fall into that category, it could be helpful to speak with a reproductive therapist because the fertility journey is a unique one.

There are so many feelings that may arise as you try to get pregnant - fear, anxiety, depression, grief. A reproductive therapist has experience in supporting people just like you as they travel along the pregnancy journey. You might find working with a female therapist could be just what you need to navigate your experience with more ease.

Fertility in and of itself is one thing, but there's also what happens after the baby is born. Many new moms (up to half!) experience the "baby blues" for a few days or weeks. They just went through a huge change so it makes sense they might feel sad or depressed. However, some moms have a more lingering form of depression that goes beyond a few days known as postpartum depression. If you fall into that category, know that postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety are also common. You're not a "bad mom" or any of the things you might be telling yourself if you feel depressed or anxious. Maybe instead you could use some support and that's what we're here to offer.

If you're searching for "postpartum counselors near me,"- search no further. We at Therapy Charlotte can help. In fact, you might just find the "best therapist for postpartum depression near me"- is closer than you think.

Therapy for Parenting Issues 

Let's say you're out of the postpartum phase, your kid is no longer a newborn, and instead, you're struggling with behavior issues. Maybe your kid is acting up and you don't know what to do about it. Or the stress of it all is putting a strain on your marriage. We can help you with that too because Therapy Charlotte offers problem-solving skills and enhanced coping strategies whether you're looking specifically for postpartum counseling in Charlotte, or if you're looking for "regular"  depression therapy in Charlotte. You can see a depression therapist in Charlotte, NC by reaching out to us today. Let us help you. It's likely someone here knows exactly what you're going through and sometimes that can make all the difference.