Paying For Therapy Out-of-Pocket

Several years ago, I asked if it was worth it to use insurance to pay for therapy. I wrote that blog post before the Affordable Care Act was enacted and I’ve been waiting and watching to see how, if at all, mental healthcare benefits would change.

From my perspective as a therapist and life coach, maintaining privacy is still a major priority. If you can afford to keep your insurance company out of the picture, that is the ideal situation, in my opinion. Even though existing conditions can no longer be used to deny your insurance coverage, your mental health information can be used to determine things like life insurance and unfortunately, once you acquire a mental health diagnosis, its something you can never shed. Unlike many physical health diagnoses, mental health health diagnoses stay on your medical record for life. That’s why I recommend paying for mental health services out-of-pocket whenever possible.

If you are confused or uncertain and have questions about using your insurance benefits, don’t hesitate to contact me!