The Easy Way To Say No!

Saying no may seem more difficult than Monday morning, but if you use the following tips you will be declining anything that comes your way in no time!

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Here is how you say ”NO” in 4 steps:

1. Compliment/Empathize

You can say no and still express well wishes. Using a compliment or empathizing with a situation softens the message.

”That sounds like a really fun idea, but I won’t be able to make it.”

”Wow, you’ve put a lot into this. I wish I could be there.”


2. Delay

A great way to say no to an event now is to suggest you will say yes to an event in the future. Using the phrase, ”this time,” is a subtle yet effective way to suggest that your relationship is long-term, and declining in not a big deal.

”I can’t loan you the money this time.”

”I can’t come to book club this time.”


3. Suggest An Alternative Plan

If you want to say no to the initial offer, consider countering with a preferable suggestion that fits your wants and needs. This may seem selfish, but I like to think of it as negotiation.

”I can’t make a dinner at 5pm because of work, but I’d love to attend if we can meet at 7pm.”

”I’d like to spend the first half of the week with just my family, but it would be fun if your family could meet up with us mid-week.”


4. Just say NO

This is the most difficult approach to adopt, but sometimes it is necessary. There are some people that don’t hear no unless you actually say no. Any softened or indirect message simply will not do the job. When you need to be clear, do so succinctly and clearly.

”No, I can’t loan you that money.”

”No, we won’t be able to make it to your party.”


The Power of Saying No

Once you’ve mastered the art of saying no you will find yourself basking in freedom. Your time will be devoted to efforts that have your full backing. Productivity will be off the charts and you’ll feel less anxious when managing future invitations and requests. You will wonder why you didn’t say no a long time ago!

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