Danielle LaPorte: The Fire Starter Sessions


In my limited exposure to Danielle Laporte’s work, I have come to the conclusion that I envy her entrepreneurial energy and appreciate her new spin on old ideas. Not to sound like an old grump, but it is rare that I come across a speak or author in my field that is actually inspiring.


In The Fire Starter Sessions, I applaud how Ms. Laporte reintroduces a number of concepts. For example, I love the suggestion to ask oneself, ‘How do you want to feel?’. While I don’t think you should simply let emotions lead your life (unless you want to be unhappy), I do like the idea of considering how you would like to feel once that desired job/relationship/choice has come to fruition. After that feeling has been defined as the measurable goal, the next step is creating the steps, the actionable objectives, that will promote the lifestyle that ultimately leads to the desired emotional state. See what I did there?!? If you are a Danielle LaPorte devotee and need help applying her philosophy to your personal life, let’s set up a meeting to create a plan that fits your unique needs!