life coaching

It’s almost the end of another year and for many, that means it is time for self-reflection. We are all fairly aware of our bad habits–overeating, drinking too much booze, not exercising, gossiping, smoking, and the list goes on ad infinitum. The typical resolutions tend to focus solely on changing undesirable behaviors, and therein lies [...]


Focus on Solutions

In many cases it is important to explore the past in order to take a step forward. But for those who are at peace with their past, I love solution-focused questions that drive goal-setting and action statements. Consider the following questions for your life and career–I promise you will have no choice but to progress! [...]


The Power Of Personality

Most people have probably heard of the basic Type A and Type B personalities. Did you know it gets even more detailed? Understanding personalities is a large part of a therapists’ or coaches’ work. Helping clients learn more about their personalities is a powerful tool in the therapeutic and coaching process. This awareness promotes self-acceptance, identifies [...]


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