I'm often recommending the same therapeutic books, website, podcasts, and products for things like relationship concerns, life coaching topics, mood issues, general self-help. Creating a Resources page seemed like an excellent way to keep all my favorite recommendations in one place. Please check back from time to time as I will continue to add more [...]

The Best of Psychology Today

Every month I look forward to the latest edition of Psychology Today magazine. If you’ve never thumbed through a copy you’re in for a treat—it’s a magazine for anyone intrigued by the world of psychology, filled with interesting articles about relationships, life choices, and hot topics in the field. I thought it would be useful [...]

TED Talks You Should Listen To

I am a huge TED Talk junkie.  I love learning about new ideas and concepts and decided to share some of my favorite talks that relate to personal growth, emotional wellness, and happiness. Enjoy! The Power of Vulnerability An amazing talk by Brené Brown, a social worker and researcher, who explores vulnerability and discusses how [...]

It's almost the end of another year and for many, that means it is time for self-reflection. We are all fairly aware of our bad habits--overeating, drinking too much booze, not exercising, gossiping, smoking, and the list goes on ad infinitum. The typical resolutions tend to focus solely on changing undesirable behaviors, and therein lies [...]

Have you ever considered paying for therapy out of pocket? If your health insurance covers counseling, probably not. Before I was a therapist I never thought about paying for any of my healthcare out of pocket either, especially if I could get everything taken care of with a measly $25 co-pay. Now that I’m on [...]

Focus on Solutions

In many cases it is important to explore the past in order to take a step forward. But for those who are at peace with their past, I love solution-focused questions that drive goal-setting and action statements.                          Consider the following questions for your [...]

Therapy versus Life Coaching

  If you do a Google search several articles will pop up with various explanations for the differences between therapy and life coaching. Considering I offer both therapy and personal life coaching services in Charlotte, NC, I'm frequently asked to differentiate between the two. Borrowing from one of my favorite explanations I can sum it up fairly [...]

Multiple Personalities

Most people have probably heard of the basic Type A and Type B personalities. Did you know it gets even more detailed? Understanding personalities is a large part of a therapists' work. And when I say therapist, I don't mean this kind...   I mean this kind...     Helping clients learn more about their personalities [...]

Thoughts on Meditations

Do you meditate? Have you ever tried? I have and some days, instead of looking like this: (Obviously she is is deep in meditation.) I look like this. Obviously checking my Twitter feed. (PS: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER) Even though meditation is very challenging for me, I am nevertheless intrigued. I came across this fascinating Yoga Journal article on meditation. It’s [...]

The Five Love Languages

One of my favorite self-help books is The 5 Love Languages. I recommend it to clients, family, friends, strangers…anyone I come into contact with. Why? Because The 5 Love Languages is easy to read and helps us each learn how we best receive love and if read with a partner, helps us learn how our partner best receives love. [...]

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